Welcome to Sunset Horse Ranch


Sunset Horse Ranch is proud to offer training in a variety of disciplines. 

Liz Place Performance Horses

Offering a wide variety of options for you and your horse whether it is your first equine encounter or you are training for the World show. Liz has succesfully been in the horse business now for almost 40 years and is an AQHA World and Reserve World champion with many Top Five and Top Ten finishes to her name

Silver Spur Riding School

Silver Spur Riding School is a perfect place for you and/or your child to learn the intricacies of riding horses and everything else that goes along with proper horsemanship. Our horses are reliable, safe and easy mounts to learn on. Our instructors have many years of experience handling horses, teaching and working with riders of all ages/experience levels. The facility is a 10+ acre ranch with 5 large arenas to ride in. With year round temperatures averaging in the 70's, it's hard not to love riding at such a picturesque facility.



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