Welcome to Sunset Horse Ranch


Sunset Horse Ranch offers several different boarding options in order to best cater to the needs of you, and your equine partners. We pride ourselves in feeding only the best quality grass and alfalfa twice daily. For an extra charge you can enjoy other amenities including quality timothy, morning or evening grain feedings, lunch, blanketing, and turnout. Below you will find examples and pricing of our different boarding options. All boarding contracts come with full use of the facility including, trailer parking.

In barn stabling starts at $630for a 12x12 box stall boasting both front and rear windows in order to provide flowing airways during hot summer months.

Barn stabling also offers a limited amount of stalls with runs, ranging in size. These stalls start at $665 and go up based on the size of the run.

Wood Paddocks are offered in several variations of size and, are a steal at $540

Pipe Corrals are all 24x24 and are $510

Sunset also offers several different options for outside boarding. All outside boarding offers roofing protection from the elements.